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Traditional massage

The humanity knows the health improver effect of massages since ancient times. It has more thousand years history in Europe and Asia and has huge popularity and helpful effects even nowadays.

Massage Period - Price
Refreshing massage
Quick and multiple effects: it boosts the flexibility of the muscles, releases the the painful cramps, improves the circulation of the blood and lymphs, relaxes the nerves, calms down the restless soul and it does good for the skin.
25 minutes - 5 600 HUF
50 minutes - 9 600 HUF
Swedish massage „manager”
Circulation improver massage with massage cream. This massage is one the most common one amongst the known massages in Europe. This is the basic of the therapist massages and the most intense one as well. It is done by hand.
25 minutes - 5 600 HUF
50 minutes - 9 600 HUF
Sole massage
The sole is like the map of our body. Each part of it represents different organs. Our body can only work well if its energy can flow freely and can spread throughout our system.Special zones can be found on our sole and foot and massaging those can be effective to our well-being.
25 minutes - 5 600 HUF

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