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Wellness treatments

Physical and mental recreation

We would like to Introduce our wellness service that provide an exclusive experience. Discover the power of chocolate, special herbs and aroma-therapeutic oils. Let our massages pamper you. Choose from our wide variety of massages depending on you mood or taste.

Wellness massages

Happy DaysMassage is one of most ancient treatment methods. A good massage gives you physical and mental refreshment that affects skin, connective tissues and blood circulation. Increased blood flow helps us to get rid of toxins, improves our muscular and nervous system. It reduces tensions and has a relaxing and pain relieving effect. A well-chosen massage gives you a real physical, mental and spiritual refreshment. Our wellness massages will send you from the grey weekdays to the island of tranquility.


2x50 minutes massage: 16 500 HUF
For further details, the receptionists and masseurs will be available to assist you.


On every Monday and Wednesday we are giving our guests a special 30% off of our massage prices. This offer can not be combined with any other offer. It can not be used during highlighted periods of the year.

Wellness massages Ár
Refreshing pampering massage
This type of massage can help those who need more energy. During the massage tight and exhausted muscles loosen, muscle knots release, blood supply of the brain improves and blood flow increases.

- Swedish massage
- foot (25 min.)
- coconut-chocolate
25 min. - 5600 Ft

50 min. - 9600 Ft
Aromatherapy maggase with essential oil
During aromatic oil masse we use slow and gentle movements. The essential oil which absorbs into the body helps to enhance relaxation. Different types of oils have different effects on body, therefore they help to soothe physical pain and relieve mental stress.

- grape seed
- lavender
- orange-cinnamon
- pomegranate
- passion fruit
25 min. - 5600 Ft

50 min. - 9600 Ft
Herbal massage
During this massage we use herbs- utilized in folk healing - according to our guests' personal needs. Herbs get into the body through the pores of the skin and relax that. They help to improve blood circulation and remove toxins. Whether they are absorbed through the skin or inhaled, creams and essential oils have stress relieving and soothing effect on the whole body.

- lemon leaf
- aloe vera
- peppermint
25 min. - 5600 Ft

50 min. - 9600 Ft

Wellness information

Opening hours (every day of the week): 7:00 - 19:00

A Hotel Aurum Family szállóvendégi részére a Park Hotel Ambrózia wellness részlege térítésmentesen használható, a Hotel Aurum wellness részlegébe napi 5000 Ft/fő kedvezményes áron tudnak belépőjegyet vásárolni a recepción.

Időpont egyeztetés az adott szálloda recepcióján lehetséges. A wellnesst és annak szolgáltatásait a vendégek saját felelősségükre használhatják.

Áraink az ÁFA-t tartalmazzák.

Az alábbi listában szereplő tényezők egy részre teljes ellenjavallat, azaz az ilyen problémában szenvedő embert nem szabad masszírozni. Más részük csak egyes testtájak masszázsát, vagy pedig egyes fogások alkalmazását zárja ki, de nem a masszírozást általában, illetve orvosi szakvélemény beszerzését teheti indokolttá.

The massage is not recommended in case of the following symptomps:

  • Fever
  • Infectious diseases
  • Cancer related diseases
  • Erosion
  • After an operation
  • Advanced bone rarefaction
  • Active stage of Rhematoid arthritis
  • Joint instability
  • Phlebovein
  • High blood pressure
  • First 3 days of the menstruation
  • Hemophilia
  • In case of some types of heart and circulation problems
  • Under 14 year of age
  • In case of a fragile or under the influence of alcohol or irresponsible state
  • In case of pregnancy or breast-feeding

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